OCB and Fitness

Along with the the ON STAGE photos during the show I'm bringing my studio kit and we'll be doing some fabulous studio style images with you at your PEAK! Preorder your stage photos to ensure coverage AND to save a few bucks!

FITNESS: Getting in shape. Meeting big goals or one little goal at a time. We all have a different ideal body type. Some strive for the chiseled physique of a competitive body builder - many are thrilled to simply lose that first 10 or 20 pounds we've put off for years. No matter what your current size or shape consider a custom designed fitness shoot. We'll start your session with a simple, clean, head shot with a fresh current feel... then show your body at its best whether you prefer to show it wearing street clothes for a comfortable, casual look or showing off your fabulous self in your favorite exercise outfit.

My images aren't simply created in Photoshop. My finishing technique starts with the placement of the lights and more importantly - the placement of the shadows. Sculpting your body with light we will accentuate all your favorite curves and ripples! Your images will be finished to an exquisite level of perfection ready for any gallery show. My finishing involves blemish removal, skin cleansing followed by extensive adjusting of color to create my signature warm monochrome images that are ready for you to proudly display.


Because the needs of most models and body builders looking to create portfolio images are different than the typical portrait clients my workflow is significantly different as well. Session fees run $350 for a 1 hour session or $450 for 2 hours. This allows us plenty of time to work through a couple looks. Included in your session will be 30 images ready for social sharing and a $100 print credit to be applied toward a wall portrait or a beautifully crafted book to preserve your images.



Finally: Some call it boudoir, some say it's too sexy, I'll call it whatever you want...  how about bad ass boudoir?! If you've been working that body of yours into something you'd like to share with your special someone or even just as a special gift for yourself now is the time!
Autumn created a beautiful custom album for her special someone after getting her pre_baby_body back into shape!


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