Dancers get ready!

I’m kicking it up with my dancers this year! We’re gonna focus on my favorite FOUR styles:

January will be set up for Fine Art sessions. We’ll create beautiful wall art for your space. These images will be my first
picks when looking for competition images for the four different events that I usually participate in – the best of the best
get published in a nationally distributed book featuring professional photographers from around the world!

April we’ll set up for splash dance just as the weather is warming up and you’re itching to do something awesome
outside! Splash Dance is just simply fun. I can’t promise warm water but believe me WARM water is worth the trouble!
If you have a swimming pool lets talk about an UNDERWATER SPLASH!

July will be back inside for some air conditioned relief from the heat with a Flour Dance. Yup. This requires some
clean up [not to mention somebody else’s studio]. The Flour Dance is super dynamic and whether we load the flour
in your hair, your hands or your tutu you’re sure to make some pretty awesome images!

October is all about the Silk Dance. Flowing silk on a clean crisp white backdrop is simply stunning. Add a fan and
strike a pose and you won’t believe how cool you’ll look!

DancePromo Cropped


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