SENIORS: the real you

SENIORS ARE THE BEST! Interesting, Fun, Motivated… Confident? Yeah. Sometimes.

But sometimes the best senior moments are with REAL kids who don’t necessarily KNOW what they want. However they know they DON’T want to be over processed, over made up or photographed in front of cheesy backdrops.

My seniors come away happy and proud that we captured who they are… and that’s why “THE REAL YOU” is my tagline this year. We’ll have a bit of fun together.. climbing down into the creek.. trying to make laying in a hammock look good (if you can do that you can do anything).. urban alleys.. St. Louis skylines… we can do it all…

AND best of all… you will come away confident that your senior portraits will be every bit as good as the experience itself!

We’ll make 3 appointments.
First we’ll set a date for your photo session… then we’ll set a time for you to return to the studio for a viewing and order session about a week after your photo session. Then two weeks later your prints should be ready for pick up!

What to wear?
Clothes that fit and feel good. Solid colors… long sleeves… coats, jackets, scarves.. things that add texture and dimension. Sunglasses for all those location shots that are really cool but the light is just too harsh…

Make up.
Use it. Bring it. [along with your basic kit to touch up and fix your hair while we’re shooting]

Got a car. Bring it. Got a horse? The neighbors would rather me to come to you instead. 😉


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