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Don’t stress over your portrait session. Your session will be enjoyable and fun and you’ll come away knowing we made some fantastic images! My style is very minimalistic and relaxed keeping you the focus of our images instead of crazy backgrounds or fake props. Your portraits will be comfortable yet classic and timeless: no fuzzy filters or instagrammy looking fads. All your photos will be personally retouched so you know you’ll look your very best in every single picture!

The difference is in the eyes. Portraits come alive when your eyes sparkle. Look closely at the eyes and you’ll consistently see a tiny sparkle (photographically called a catchlight). This makes a huge difference in creating a vibrant and dynamic portrait. This is why I nearly always carry a light source with me. That flash of light cleans up color, diminishes harsh shadows and puts a little sparkle in the eyes that you simply can’t fake.

Another huge difference can be seen here. By adding the flash I’m able to create more dynamic image that pops, dramatically different than you can achieve without adding a portable light source… a bit more effort to carry this light around but very much worth it!