head-1Everybody needs one. If you have ANY kind of professional presence out there on social media or the web you need a solid headshot. Most headshots are pretty straight forward. Solid background with clean and simple lighting and a confident smile. They aren't generally particularly creative and you don't usually notice them... but when they're bad?! They are really bad. head-2 The typical headshot shouldn't take much time once we start clicking. Plan to have two outfits available. We'll talk about your image, how you would like to present yourself and how the images will be utilized. In my studio I can plug the camera into my big 52" screen and we can select the image right away OR I can send you proofs so your office manager or significant other can weigh in on the selection process. head-3 Rates: In studio $125 gets you a fully retouched file ready to print for your wall or simply upload to your social profiles (LinkedIN, Facebook, etc). Each additional file costs $75. If you have a few folks in the office that need headshots I can come to you. (I work at KSDK weekdays 9-5 so it would need to be scheduled around that). A location fee of up to $100 would be added but multiple headshots would run $100 (given a single set up)... Lots of options available of course so don't hesitate to give me a shout and we'll discuss your needs! 618-954-9250 When I'm creating high school senior portraits I make sure to capture a more casual headshot that they can use for scholarship and job applications - but if you didn't graduate last year we should probably plan to re-shoot 😉 head-4

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