Photography Classes

Basic class info: Most my instruction is one on one to make best use of your time and keep things super relaxed and informal.

Each two hour session $90.  Book six or more sessions for 20% off.

Digital Photography 101

Receive a new DSLR camera? Want to know what all the buttons mean?   Learn how to maneuver your way around the camera and build your confidence so you never miss those treasured moments.  Topics covered will include aperture and Shutter priority, ISO, lenses, white balance, using your flash, and choosing your lens.

Photoshop 101

In this class, we will cover all the basics.  You’ll learn how to organize and categorize your images making them easy to find.  From there, we will move on to basic editing and finish the day working with textures and composites.  You will need a laptop and Adobe Photoshop  or Elements installed.

Composition and Creativity

You will learn basic composition techniques that will enhance every image you create.   We will cover the rule of 3rd, the Golden Mean, cropping, how to use leading lines, and of course, making sure you don’t have a tree growing out of your subject’s head.   When you leave this class, you will look at the world in a completely different way.

Manual Mode 1

Take the jump from program mode to manual mode and explore the creative aspects of shooting. Finally, you will have full control over your camera. Every mode has a purpose and to be fully proficient you need to be comfortable in each program mode as well as manual and know when each is preferred.

See the Light

Photography is writing with light. And so we shall.  We will spend the day working with light sources and modifiers.   When you leave this class, you will know how to find your main light source and how to use it in a variety of situations.


Video is more complex than still photography and we’ll work through basic video creation. This will need to be one on one class time due to the varied skill level and challenges presented.
•Camera technique and shooting.
•Editing ins and outs.
•Lighting and composition
•Graphic creation

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