Mentors and Links

David Hobby aka The Stobist.Wanna learn more about lighting? David’s a former photojournalist that has years of experience working with a minimalistic approach to lighting.. working with Nikon’s SB800s as well as studio strobes when the job calls for it… Wanna learn off camera lighting.. study David’s blog and you’ll get it.


Digital Photography Review. DPReview has good information if you’re looking to compare camera equipment before you buy. Reviews and good forums that are mighty informative.


F/Stoppers. More entertainment than instruction – but they feature anything they can find photographically and often include behind the scenes videos to show you the bigger picture.


Indigo Photographic – Michael Barton. One of the most dynamic and focused photographers I know. A perenial “Diamond” photographer at PPA conventions. I have learned tons from Michael.


Alex Buono. Enjoy Saturday Night Live? Alex works as SNL’s Director of Photography and is responsible for most all aspects of the show that are not live. I’ve sat in on a couple lectures with Alex¬†and have come away with a much greater understanding of DSLR for video.


PPA. If you’re a photographer and looking for professional organizations here’s the mother of them all.. the Professional Photographer’s of America. Membership includes various insurance plans that will cover equipment or loss of files… if you’re looking to hire a wedding photographer make sure they’re PPA members.

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