PET Portaits

Our pets: They greet us at the door when we get home every day.. they cuddle up with us when we don’t feel well.. they even show us love when we can just barely function… our pets are just extensions to our family and should be photographed and remembered accordingly!

Some folks are surprised when they find out that I schedule just as much time to capture a pet portrait as I do for a typical high school senior portrait… but that’s what you have to do to capture truly special portraits. And lets be honest – our pets never talk back to us the way our kids do ;)


Above are Peyton & Paisley, referred to by their mother as her “fur babies”.

“I never once in my life had “baby fever”, but fur babies are a totally different story. I wanted pictures of and with my fur babies, Peyton & Paisley and I wanted Doug Howell to take them after seeing such wonderful pictures of their family dog, Buddy. These fur babies are my world and are beautifully displayed in my living room, as well as at my parents because they love their granddogs! In addition, I had to purchase a book because there were just too many adorable pictures to choose from.
Doug was so very patient with them and really connected with them for some great shots. In fact, it was hard for Paisley to stop posing when the session was finished. Thank you, Doug, for my lifetime
memories of me and my fur babies!” – Teresa Pedigo


This is Cali. She’s a beautiful mini Australian shepherd and so very full of energy!

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