Image Competitions

Every year there are a series of imaging competitions that culminate with the International Print Competition where thousands of images are judged by panels of experienced jurors. There’s no money to win but the experience and educational value of receiving honest and sometimes harsh critique of your work is invaluable. I started entering the Illinois state competition in 2008 when all the cool guys I knew were doing it (I’m impressionable that way)…

This competition journey has taught me tons. Still have tons to learn and even though I rarely enter client work, my senior portraits and everything I create has been elevated immensely because of the many lessons learned through open and honest judging against a specific criteria set forth by the Professional Photographers of America decades ago.

So.. the images below represent over 10 years of my work… and probably hundreds of hours of shooting, editing, reshooting, sharing with mentors, discussing, arguing and yes I’ve even shed a tear over one image in particular when the image failed to tell a particular story that touched me deeply.