Too cold for comfort!

photoIt's winter. It's cold. Sounds reasonable. But this is seriously cold. Hard to get an objection on that... funny how you remember things though. THIS is the kind of cold I remember as a kid. The kind of walk outside and your nostrils freeze up kind of cold. The can't speak inherently after waiting on the bus for 5 minutes kind of cold... and while I don't enjoy being cold - that frozen sensation brings back memories. The coldest I remember being was on a ill suited ski trip in college when I discovered what frostbite looks and really feels like. Hint: if parts of your fingers are actually white from the cold... you've been bitten.. and it don't feel good at all. I remember my toes being really really cold while walking around the Bedford square Christmas shopping. Going from Tindels Hardware to SS Kresge looking for the best way to spend our collective money on mom or dad's gifts. Surely you have a memory of ears so cold they might actually break off and the searing pain of a snowball slamming into your already fragile and throbbing lobe. I remember walking out on a bitter cold morning - and just like today - my nose (and all its contents) freezing up instantly as I inhaled that first bitter cold breath. Everything even sounds more. More crisp. More clear. Maybe the sound is simply amplified by cold ear drums. Being cold: It's certainly not a fond memory... but if you can get passed the momentary discomfort and stop shivering... be sure to look around and enjoy the view. Cold air is usually nice and clear. Those dirty dust particles don't really like to hang around the cold either. Winter stars are more brilliant than summer stars.. and before the sun has had a chance to warm branches they shimmer in the light before the frozen dew melts and evaporates away... Uncomfortably cold out? Yup. Sure brings back memories 😉