Yes! That was big fun! Sunday afternoon we had a swimmer and group of dancers over to create some exceptional images... Ellie 12x18 Not your every day, run of the mill snapshots many of these will be showing up in area photographic competitions this next year! After basically plastic wrapping the studio we were set to splash some very cool and talented athletes. Cashia web Ultimately we dumped nearly 20 gallons of water! The dancers posed and jumped and we dumped, poured and splashed anyone willing to take it! YES! I'll be doing this again! I'll streamline the setup a bit and refine it but THIS concept is simply too cool to let go. FB Alexis web Thanks to my friend Barb Adleman from Elan Studios/Bloomington for coming down to assist, my many moms who appreciate my weird ideas and sense of humor and of course Jake for schlepping 20 gallons of warm water and helping clean up! FB Marissa web