Race for the Cure

Last year I was asked to document the Komen Race for the Cure for a NewsChannel Five promotional piece. I expected to shoot primarily stills and create the spot with just a series of slow disolves on the photos... but as I began to document the day I couldn't resist shooting a bit of video as well [the Nikon D800's a beautiful camera]. I had been at the event previous years but never spent this amount of time really looking at the people around me. When you start really looking into their faces.. and see the emotion that they simply can't hide... you can't help but be moved. This year's Komen Race for the Cure is set for June 15th and I hope to have the opportunity to be there again. To document the day. To capture the joy and spirit that the folks participating. If you only have 30 seconds skip down to the second version... if you have a few minutes more watch this and consider coming to downtown St. Louis to join in! Here's the 30 second spot that got most the air time: