PPA Super 1 Day with Meghán

meghan jpgRecently I had the pleasure of an up close and personal serenade by Belleville East Senior, Meghán McGarrity. She has a wonderful voice, a sweet smile and is over all, pretty adorable  🙂 This was waaay better than my average day at work. I've been employed as a video editor for about 15 years now. Working weekdays at KSDK in St. Louis. Most days we create commercials - for local car dealers, mattress stores, doctors, lawyers OR we make promos for the newscasts - tempting viewers to tune in and sample what at one time were the nation's highest rated local news programs. I decided to put some of that experience in the sharing mode and offered to teach a class on DSLR video and editing. With a few folks signed up through the PPA's Super One Day education program I asked one of my favorite high school seniors to be our subject... After a couple hours of lecture random thoughts on video systems and videography, Meghán sang through a couple selections - each time beautifully. Then came the really exciting part - watching me edit! Ever watch paint dry? Yup. That's kind of like watching somebody edit... BUT... hopefully my attendees gleaned a bit about the process while we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday together in my comfy edit suite... Thanks to Meghán, her driver/mom, the PPA for this invaluable continuing education program and the folks who drove quite a distance to attend! AND here's the finished version of our in-class edit... enjoy "The Call" by Meghán McGarrity.

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