DHP_4107 My son Jake,​ and a lucky group of guys from Belleville's Boy Scout Troop 553 are leaving tomorrow for a trip they will never forget. Along with two adult supervisors, they are boarding the train in St. Louis and riding west, then transferring to a bus which will take them to the Boy Scout's Philmont Ranch, the BSA's premiere high adventure camp near Cimarron, New Mexico. Jake and his crew will spend about 7 days hiking through some of New Mexico's very beautiful and mountainous countryside. They'll carry everything from clothes to water to tents and sleeping bags as well as several days worth of food rations which they can restock at predetermined lock boxes every few days. Jake and crew will come back with plenty of stories (I doubt if we hear even a fraction of them)... Of course I hope and pray for their safe travels, but maybe even more important, I hope for them to come back stronger, more confident and if possible even more independent: Prepared to take on whatever the future has in store for them. Don't tell them I said that... they think they're just gonna have fun 😉 DHP_4058 Jake and his carefully selected gear for his trek.