Custom Rides | Custom Light

Imagine if you could light every aspect of your favorite ride exactly the way you’d want: Fenders. Chrome. Engine. Tires. Wheels. Light painting is just that. Simple flashlights. Nothing fancy. Camera locked down. Long exposures.  Just your cool ride and light… in all the right places.

The images are generally made just after sunset and will take anywhere from 1-3
hours and of course you can watch the whole process. Bring a lawn lawn chair, cooler and enjoy the show. You’ll probably appreciate and enjoy the image more if you watch the creation process!



Beyond that, there’s plenty of time in Photoshop selecting the right exposure and mixing it with all the other just right exposures to build a surreal image that nearly jumps off the wall. Presented on high gloss metal these prints are an absolutely perfect way to show off your ride.

Pricing is based on creation fee + print pricing. Smaller tabletop collections can be done in studio. Cars, trucks and other vehicles can be created at my location or one of your choosing within 30 miles. Buildings and more complex creations of course take more time and larger budgets. Creation fees start at $500 for a studio creation, $800 for your ride at your location and $1500 for homes and small business locations. Prints start at $350 for 16×20 metal. 

Stop by the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in O’Fallon if you want to see a couple of these in person!


T A B L E T O P   S T I L L   L I F E S

 My favorite view camera: A Rembrandt Portrait Camera with red bellows. Rescued from a yard sale and is an awesome display piece in my studio… Perfect for a bit of light painting to make it come to life!


My 4×5 Speed Graphic! I bought this back in high school and learned a ton about photography just by playing with this bad boy. I ran 4×5 sheet film through it as well as Polaroids and 120 roll film. What a fantastically versatile camera!



1988 Buick Reatta
One of my earlier attempts at light painting before I attended a John Hartman workshop.

My ’73 Chevy  Vega.  This was my first attempt at a light painting. This film based technique is based on multiple flash exposures on a single frame of film. This particular attempt was totally over done… but it helped me learn to work with off camera light.