My film camera collection

Shooting film. It’s a totally different way of thinking. There’s no immediate feedback, no limitless digital media cards… just a very satisfying click.

The Argus was Dad’s camera. It went on family trips, documented reunions, graduations and somehow ended up in my collection. A roll of 120 had only about a dozen exposures so I kind of treated them like they pretty special.

When I was in 6th grade I purchased the GAF instamatic. It used 126 cartridges and I went through quite a few of them. The zoo, school trips and ball games. Shortly after getting this camera I got my first darkroom which made it even easier and cheaper for me to make prints.

After a few years with the instamatic I purchased my first 35mm. In the early ‘70s the Nikon F2 was the camera to own. If you were covering civil wars in the far reaches of the globe or documenting fires for the local newspaper this was an awesome camera. The interchangable pentaprism and badass feel of this camera in your hands was the best. However I didn’t buy the Nikon back then. I could only afford a Minolta and regretted it for years. This F2 joined my collection from Ebay just recently. In my eyes this camera is still just about the sexiest camera around. The sound of it’s focal plane shutter has such a satisfying sound. I don’t have the darkroom anymore but the local camera shop happily processes and scans the negatives for a decent price.

A Graflex 4×5 view camera is not your typical camera most high school kids are shopping for… but Dad saw this Speed Graphic in the classified ads. A short drive and $75 made me ecstatic. The big bulky camera with all it’s old time moving parts was a perfect tool for me to learn and better understand camera functions.

Film was cool. Loading it. Shooting it. Processing it. Making prints. It was all pretty darn cool… but shooting digital and getting instant gratification…. that’s pretty cool too!