My favorite senior girl. Seriously.

Well it's happening. Rachel is now seriously into her senior year of high school and we did her senior portraits (part one) as our trees started showing signs of autumn.. We'll do part two of her images soon as some snow flies. Maybe even a part three and four when she or her mother suggests another venue 😉 I could go on and on about how proud we are of Rachel. Great student. Wonderful kid. Good sister to her brother. Great helper to her mother.  Fabulous character all around... but I'll save most of that for later when her senior year is wrapping up... for now enjoy autumn Rachel. 1780719_10154716419385065_7113741129742708867_n 10710834_10154716419645065_7105511884335560698_n 10174991_10154716419925065_8898895583186036661_n10434006_10154716420060065_6232623127737339743_n  10704168_10154716417750065_9055934560923389504_n10429396_10154716417340065_8245193652957661743_n  10382154_10154716418325065_1065242096933915609_n  10731100_10154716419110065_7545897345485866466_n10390891_10154716418645065_7078742895474871650_n

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