Musical muses

Musician PortraitsGrowing up our home was filled with music regularly as mom was the church piano player and dad was the music director. Some of my favorite memories revolve around singing together as a family on occasional Sunday mornings or when visiting the grandparents. In the College Choir at Marion College for a couple years I had plenty of those hair raising moments as our fifty strong choir would belt out a capella versions of A Mighty Fortress and other hymns. A trombone player through high school - I didn't follow up with band after graduating and still miss it a bit. Now, as I get older the quicker I am to get choked up... even a simple strum of a guitar or of course, a lone bugler's call. If during a full band performance they have one of big moments... big sound from the brass... or maybe better yet a quiet passage barely know.. those moments that make you feel the music? Those are what a band program and its musical artistry is all about. This is all part of why I really enjoy creating musician portraits. The very nature of being a musician make them expressive and of course their flutes and guitars etc make fabulous props as well. Emily Winland  brought her guitar over for her portrait session on a beautifully overcast day.  We created some sweet light in the woods for Emily and her guitar with my favorite portable light. Nicole Lonsdale brought her flute into the studio and with a totally different application of light we nailed a beautiful portrait that I will proudly enter into some upcoming image competitions. From accordions to guitars to clarinets and marimbas musical instruments and the musicians that accompany them will always have a special place in my portfolio. By the way we are VERY fortunate to have such strong music programs in the metro east: Belleville, O'Fallon, Granite City, Edwardsville, Collinsville... these schools are enriching their communities in ways they will never know.