Moments with Emily

Music. There's nothing much better than to immerse yourself in music... unless maybe it's being able to write and perform it as well. Emily is the total package. Fabulously sweet and easy going. Wonderfully talented in her music. Earlier this fall I had the pleasure of creating her senior portraits. Of course we did a photo with Emily's favorite guitar. It still surprises me how much you feel like you get to know a person in just a few short hours. All my seniors become "mine" after I spend a few hours photographing them and editing them and then of course the time with their families, sometimes with a tear or two from mom. In Emily's case there were nearly nonstop giggles and laughs... that sort of connection makes this so much more than just a job. I call these video shorts "MOMENTS" because I feel like our entire life is made up of moments. Sometimes the best part of my day is just that. A moment with my wife or kids. A moment's glance at a sunrise. You get the idea. Enjoy a few moments with Emily. MOMENTS in music: Emily Winland from Doug Howell on Vimeo.