Moments: In Music

Performing arts. There aren't many ways to bare your soul more clearly than as a soloist. I'm more of a choir singer myself. Back row of a choir feels a lot more secure to me than being all alone with nothing but a microphone to hide behind. I recently read about a frustrated musician who picked up a camera to get close to his musical idols.. to document their lives... to enjoy the music vicariously by photographing their performances. It clicked with me. So I contacted a friend in the music department and asked for a soloist to feature. For simply asking for a couple hours of time with Heather and her accompanist I received a very personal one on one concert at the school's performing arts center. What good fortune I have. And I know better than to second guess a recommendation when given a quick response. Heather was that quick recommendation offered up without hesitation. Heather is a soon to be music major over at Webster University but for now she's enjoying being a senior drum major, student choir director, and clarinet player in the band... and she sings. She sings real good... but then I'll let you decide that for yourself as you enjoy a tiny slice of time with Heather. A moment: in music. A special thanks of course to Mr Timothy Hassall for his input, time and piano playing expertise! Boring details? Nikon D800. Sennheiser G3. Glidetrack slider. Adobe Premiere.