Meet Maddy

Meet Maddy. She's one of the newest models on the block! Maddy is hoping to get some face time when AfterDark comes to St. Louis next month and needed a couple quick shots for her brand new portfolio. Maddy should be pretty well prepared for the long tedious days at a large event like that - her sister has been modeling in the Saint Louis area for several years [more on Kenzie later]. MaddyWEB I do enjoy working with new models. Partly because they don't look at me like I'm as crazy when I'm doing my 'model 101' routine.. hands this way... hips that way [I look really good doing this stuff too!] My favorite moment of the night was watching Maddy try and make sense out of my direction AND trying not to fall over in the process! Maybe if I worked in HIGH heels I'd have a better appreciation for some of the silly things that I ask a model to do! Thanks to Maddy and her sister for coming over last weekend... you'll be seeing more of Maddy especially if she gets signed up for the AfterDark gig!