Marching Lancer’s 2015 season.

I can't say it enough. I love watching and experiencing our band as they practice, prepare and perform. This video short is a compilation from the many opportunities I've had to record the Marching Lancers through this season. Thanks to Emily Winland, Jessica Knee, Katie Volluz, Nicole Lonsdale & Ryan Youck, some of my special seniors who were able to spare a few minutes to share their thoughts about the band's competition season. emily Jessica Katie NicoleSmile Ryan Click here to order your very own DVD! Editor's disclaimer: I made the tough choice to publish this with custom music instead of the Lancer's own music from their show. This dramatic and emotional piece of music spoke to me and created the right "feel".  Using the Lancer's show music with a seemingly randomized set of imagery would simply not jive as well and you would end up with a distraction from the drama and effort shown here by these musicians who have sacrificed countless hours and weekends to create this show.