Laura. Actress. Model. Pretty cool kid.

Somehow through the mix of social media and friends of friends Laura caught my eye. Then I saw a random Halloween post by Belle, Laura’s mom, and it clicked.

I reached out to Belle. They were available and I created a quick Pinterest board for inspiration and we met up on a Sunday afternoon for a typical 3 hour set… More than 3 hours and my brain starts getting mushy… but less than that and I somehow feel cheated out of an opportunity when presented with a subject like Laura. As a photographer I love a subject who is comfortable… who can pose without coaching… but most importantly will readily accept my weird random directions. Sometimes I even purposely give vague directions to make my subject think… to keep them engaged. 

We started outside on a beautiful fall colored day with one of my favorite yard sale finds. An ugly old chair. I give the girl the chair and ask her to pose. Perfect… Another… Yup. Sweet. Then another… Try upside down… annnnd…. she nailed it :)

Then we moved inside where I’m most comfortable. Inside all the light is all mine. Inside the quality, intensity and direction are mine…. all placed where I want. With a background in dance Laura brought a ton of energy and ideas to the session… and with angels as inspiration we started out with the costume wings she brought and made some cute and sweet images. She embodied the angel I was looking for and with a bit of lighting design and artwork we we ended up with set of pretty bad-ass angels for both our portfolios.

Check out her IMDB page here: and expect to see her in action over the years to come :)