Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite models - Kenzie Pettig. Kenzie_5537 About 6 years ago I went to my first professional photographic class at the Illinois Workshops. Kenzie was one of the first models that I met there and have enjoyed working with her every year or so since that first meeting. She has always brought an easy smile and good nature to any photo shoot we have done. Kenzie_5563 Tonight we met in St. Louis about 5:00 and while it looked like a pretty nice day... by the time we started shooting it was cold and windy. I kept my jacket zipped and gloves on most the shoot because... I could... Kenzie had the pleasure of modeling a few new little dresses and t-shirts. No gloves or hats for her... she did get to show off a new jacket and scarf for a few shots... but mostly she was simply a trooper working like a good model would. Smiling.. except when I asked her not to 😉