IPC – Three outta four!


The IPC. THE International photographic Competition is being held right now! I’ve entered images in this and various other PPA judgings since 2008 when I started getting serious about image making. Some years I’ve done really well.. some years I simply learned a lot through the process. Getting published and bragging rights aside, learning the ins and outs of image making at this level is challenging and humbling.

This year I tried something new. All four of my entries are of dancers manipulated digitally to create kaleidoscopic images. 

Scores can be determined within just a few short seconds or if you’re lucky enough, one judge will experience love at first sight and try and argue their point of view with the other jurors.

My scores (just in) were 78, 80, 81 & 82 on a scale to 100. Not spectacular but very respectable… I would love to know if there had been any talk amongst the judges or if all these images had the same panel… entrants have to accept the fact that even though there are 12 elements that the judges are to keep in mind… any imaging competition is very subjective and no two panels are the same… but in the end they are pretty consistent.

In any event, I’m pleased to have three more images in PPA’s “general collection” which will be part of a display at next year’s international Imaging Expo in Nashville. 

Click on the images to see the larger versions:

Circle of Dancers_82Circle en Pointe_81Sabrina_78Grace_80