Inspiration. Where does it come from and how do we harness it? This could be short 'cause I ain't got the answer 😉 Over the years in the video edit suite in which I've become very comfortable I've often wished my producer or the client would bring in a story board.. an idea of what they want their commercial to look like. Heck. I'd be happy with a single idea on a dirty napkin some days... but when I'm with a model or portrait client in my own studio I understand better the challenge of coming up with specific ideas. Take the process of photographing a session. I still get frustrated sometimes that I can't seem to choreograph the perfect session. Dance steps in front of the camera. Pose A followed by pose B... Backgrounds A through F... rinse and repeat for the next subject. Only recently have I begun to appreciate the organic nature that my sessions seem to develop. We always start with show n tell. Outfits. Looks. What do you like.. what I like... But specifically what ARE we gonna shoot? That's when we just have to start. Like writing. The first word. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just gotta get started. One of my mentors said when he works with a model he expects the first couple dozen images will be disposed of. Like two dancers taking the first tentative steps together... Chemistry often times needs a catalyst. That's when music comes to mind. Music can move us beyond ourselves... get our mind off our own awkward thoughts.. Music. As I walk to and from the train station on my way to work I generally have Pandora playing in my earbuds - music being piped directly into my brain. During this short walk with Incubus or Crash Kings or even Hannah Montana left over from one of my kids playlists - I see things. I imagine things. I imagine business people walking or skipping to their office to the sounds only I can hear. I notice the reflection of the sun and clouds as I walk past those big glass buildings actually matching the music in my ears... I start to get... INSPIRATION... It should be no surprise really. Music is kind of like bottled inspiration. Next time your brain gets stuck with no direction and you need a jump start. Plug in. Turn it up. Go for a walk. Jump in. Do something... anything.