Independence Day

Every year its a challenge. Create something memorable with a camera on a tripod as the fireworks explode in the just darkened sky to celebrate our country's independence. I LIKE the images of fireworks against the St. Louis skyline. Old courthouse. Gateway Arch. Mississippi River... but there's nothing better than EXPERIENCING the event in SMALL town America. Neighbors on porches as you drive to the town park. Folks who live close by walking with their kids and lawn chairs. Free water distributed by a local church not looking for handouts.. just good will. I GLADLY donate to the fireman's boot on the way into this park. No big-box corporate presence is made known. No canned soundtrack to fill the awesome silence - just in case you don't have your own emotional attachment to the event. Lebanon, Illinois IS small town. I was even greeted by an old high school friend as we pulled into the park [which is especially cool when you realize I grew up 250 miles away and graduated in a class of just barely 100]. So here it is. One frame. No Photoshop manipulation. Just 30 seconds with my Nikon D800 and trusty tripod. Independence Day BTW- I'm an 80's graduate from southern Indiana and John Mellencamp's Pink Houses chorus fit's this perfectly.