Growing up on the family farm you could say Lizzi is a horse person... and if you've known many horse people.. you know... they are serious about their horses. With several horses at Fairmont track and the constant need to exercise and tend to these animals it seems natural that Lizzi lend a hand. But Lizzi isn't happy to just work around the horses though. She has it in her mind that she'd like to ride. On the track. Racing. This first shot is Lizzi on a summer day when she was helping her Dad with one of their new horses.. an unknown horse that turned out to be just a bit more than a handful. I was disappointed not to capture a cool shot of Lizzi galloping by on her ride - but I don't think  nearly as disappointed as she was. The horse she's on here is totally blind but a beautiful and gentle work horse that the family has had for years. Not easily spooked and very gentle she's a great horse for helping tend to new high maintenance animals that come and go through the years. Track Lizzi I invited Lizzi to come visit over the weekend to help me with a couple image ideas. She showed with her trademark pink riding vest and whip. Every girl needs a pink whip right? But pink is not generally in my color palette so here she is finished with my favorite monochrome treatment... Lizzy 3 up copy I'm looking forward to getting back to the track this spring and capture Lizzi in full gallop down the main stretch as she and her horse test each other out and maybe in the near future I'll have the opportunity to photograph Lizzi as a licensed jockey!

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