Flour Dance

The "flour dance". I'd never seen it before... but I instantly knew this was something very cool that I was gonna do when I saw it recently at the AfterDark sessions in St. Louis. I had not even worked with dancers before but I've heard National Geographic photographer, Joe McNally, mention before that wherever he travels he always tries to connect with a dancer because when you add their grace and power to an already cool scene - it's hard to go wrong. A couple Facebook posts and a phone call and I had my dancers! Thanks to Natalie and Abby all I had to do was not screw up the timing - which of course I did plenty. I'm really not certain who had more fun me or the girls... Natalie did mention it was the most fun she'd had since school had started 9 months ago! Bring on the video! I'll first admit that sometimes I don't make the best use if my time... but today I found inspiration in these images, found some music and a few hours later YES! All of this, the shoot, the finished images, the video... works in progress.... I so totally enjoy the feeling.. of knowing I like something AND it will only get better from here! flour dancers.jpg   Natalie Abby1 copy