Drinking Kool-Aid from a firehose.

I’ve teased folks over the years about ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’… well this week I enjoyed my own big tall pitcher of Kool-Aid as I had the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas ProMax convention. It was my first time and I was blown away. ProMax is an annual convention for local TV marketing professionals to learn from each other and rub shoulders with network big wigs to inspire and enhance our own marketing efforts.

Our corporate Vice President of Marketing is Meredith Conte. She did an awesome job of making me feel like I’m part of a team. A team of deeply talented writers, producers and image makers… all marketing professionals. She hosted us for a day of discussions about strategy and got her team together for the awards banquet so we could support each other and celebrate some pretty awesome wins.. oh… and getting to attend Cirque du Soleil’s performance of LOVE was icing on the cake!

Although I’ve been working in local television for nearly 35 years my current role of Promotions Director is brand new to me… and THIS week was totally inspiring. I loved getting to meet many of my colleagues from within TEGNA. Picking up bits of wisdom and practical tidbits to enhance our own marketing pieces is invaluable. Then there was the convention: ProMax hosts some of the best TV marketers and idea people in the country and they all came to Las Vegas to share tons of great ideas.

Network anchors Lester Holt, Jeff Glor and David Muir were there to discus the state of television broadcast news and Alex Trebek talked about his years as host of Jeopardy – actually he spent a good deal of time discussing his hair and beard and mustache but he was very entertaining as well.

I’m returning inspired and motivated to continue building our KSDK / 5 On Your Side marketing team and hope to see some of our work represented on the awards stage next year… maybe even bring home some hardware for the office!

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