Customer Service

triggerI just had a wonderful exchange with the owner of a studio lighting company. Many will know who I'm referring to before I type his name. A proud American company building and selling quality products with a bullet proof reputation. Known for his White lightning and Alien Bees mono-lights Paul Buff Inc has been based in Nashville Tennessee for quite a few years and I have a small collection of Buff's lights and various accessories. I signed onto the Paul Buff Inc. technical forum yesterday to ask about a light trigger I bought from them 5 years ago. Just looking to find out if an intermittent problem could be resolved somehow. Not totally surprised - Mr. Buff himself responded to my question. His suggestion (after one last bit of troubleshooting) simply contact the service department and send it back for a replacement. This is not an expensive part. Shipping and handling and his time are probably worth more than their cost of the part! But having dealt with Buff's company before, I know cost isn't the point - Buff is known by many to send replacement products or parts out assuming the customer will return the item when a problem is resolved. THIS is the type of customer service I want to be known for... and I try. When a sports team photo isn't right - I fix it without question. A print might show up out of tolerance.. in the trash it goes. A frame gets delivered with a problem. It goes back to the manufacturer. It all seems simple enough. Do things right and always try to over deliver. I should add that working with top notch print labs like American Color Imaging, White House Custom Color and St. Louis' own Diversified Lab makes resolving problems easier than I would have ever expected. Thanks to Paul Buff Inc for reminding me what customer service should look like!