College move in day

Rachel roomJPG We left our little girl in tears as we drove away today... a couple hugs... a last hug... nope... one last hug... no maybe just one more... I left the big camera at home. Took a few snapshots with the phone/cam. This moment was too big to squeeze into a photograph (although I did overlook some shots I really wish I had taken). Her room couldn't be more set up if we had hired Martha Stewart's IT department to coordinate it. All the gear that any college student hopes for... and I'm pretty certain it's there to comfort us as much as her. Sure. She'll enjoy printing from her laptop while streaming Netflix on her big TV... I didn't even know a college room needed curtains. That of course is what the Mom is for. And cute lights streaming from the ceiling? Who knew, right? At College Church, Pastor Quanstrom speaks meaningfully and eloquently about choices, prevenient grace and gives us a heads up about the quiet drive home. Finally at some point we have to do it. At some point the car has to head home. Time to stop the purchasing and decorating and planning. Time for all the pent up anxiety and fear to slowly make itself known... one tear at a time. Hugs and tears. She walks away quietly as we drive away. Quietly.  
THIS is why I'm gonna do my best to insist that ALL my seniors end up with an up to date family portrait before they move away. As I've told many of my current clients... having just gone through the whole senior year and now this... I have a whole new perspective on how I should be guiding you as my clients. This is my family. Our last Friday night together before Rachel headed out on her brave new adventure. Love my wife. Love my girl. Love my boy. Life is good. . 5x7_HowellFamily