Clicking with Bri

Sometimes you just click. You know the feeling. Doesn't matter whether you're meeting a new friend, coworker or photographer and model... sometimes you just click. Bri visited me this week so we could get an early start on her senior portraits - but primarily I wanted a chance to create some images for an upcoming photographic competition. She brought these beautiful gowns from her collection and looked equally lovely in.. and we clicked. DHP_0396 DHP_0421 DHP_0447 DHP_0452 DHP_0461 DHP_0439 Then we started working with some really cool hats that I had borrowed from a friend [thanks Andria May].. I couldn't have been more pleased with how great Bri looks wearing these classic hats! I'm not suppose to share images online before a competition... but really? If you're a judge at this year's competition... don't look 😉 DHP_0504 DHP_0477 Once these competition images are in the bag then we can get on with photographing Bri's senior portrait session and she'll be ready to kick off her senior year for real!