Class of 2015!

scheduling 2015b

Sessions range from $75 for a straight studio session to $200 for four hours of fabulous studio, woodlands and Saint Louis too!

Session fees applied toward package prices and are based on time, outfit changes and locations.

A la carte print pricing is available but discounted packages start at $499.

We’ll make 3 appointments. First we’ll set a date for your photo session… then we’ll set a time for you to return to the studio for a viewing and order session about a week after your photo session. Then two weeks later your prints should be ready for pick up!

WANT A BONUS? BE ON TIME. Time is simply something we can’t make more of. Be on time for all three of your appointments and I’ll send you a special bonus – how cool is that?

What to wear? Clothes that fit and feel good. Solid colors… long sleeves… coats, jackets, scarves.. things that add texture and dimension. Sunglasses for all those location shots that are really cool but the light is just too harsh…

Make up. Use it. Bring it. [along with your basic kit to touch up and fix your hair while we’re shooting]

Plan on a wall portrait. Something to put above your mantle or over the sofa? Send me a snapshot of your wall space and I can simulate framed prints at various sizes to help you determine how big is too big… or how small is just too small.

Print pricing– Often times the question is simply ‘how much for the 8×10′ — most photographers would rather not answer that question simply because there are so many intangibles that make a direct comparison difficult. For instance, all my prints come with a spray sealant and textured to help them last for years. My portraits also get plenty of TLC in retouching to help us both look good. My rule of thumb in retouching is to eliminate any temporary blemish and soften any other spot that we’ve discussed. AND any print purchased as an 5×7 or larger will be added to a Facebook gallery…