Meet Maddy

Meet Maddy. She’s one of the newest models on the block! Maddy is hoping to get some face time when AfterDark comes to St. Louis next month and needed a couple quick shots for her brand new portfolio. Maddy should be pretty well prepared for the long tedious days at a large event like that[…]


Olivia came to visit recently at my request.. I needed a model for some test shots and Olivia was able to help me out. It really is wonderful to have experienced models to work with from time to time and Olivia was perfect for what I needed. She is a signed model with Factor Women[…]

25 years together

25 years ago my beautiful bride met me at the alter to start our lives together. We’ve had many adventures together since.. hiking trails.. trips to the carribean.. cruises.. and trips to the mall. Best of all by far has to be our adventure as a ‘real’ family once Rachel and Jake joined us. What’s this got[…]