Be bold.

5 On Your Side was tasked with rethinking and redefining what a late evening newscast might look like. Not even having a clear idea of what that new show would look or feel like… Nicole Marafiotti and our marketing team were also tasked with creating a launch promo for the concept show. Promotionally we wanted to capture the vibe and energy that SNL incorporates into their show opener guided in part by the mood boards created by our consulting firm Geile/Leon. With deadlines super short I suggested we get the anchor and reporter team together for a rooftop party so we could film them all in one coordinated effort. With easy access to the Tin Roof’s rooftop patio, our anchors and reporters were freed up from their on air duties and filming began shortly after sunset with St Louis skyline as a background.


I’ve heard Alex Buono, the Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live, speak a couple times and knew that he had documented his super cool technique when they relaunched SNL for their 40th anniversary. “Free lensing” is a technique that allows for super shallow focus and dynamic/organic lens flares by disconnecting the lens from the camera and “hand focusing”. The talent on site were in love with the look as we started recording, laughed and created some sweet visuals. Then using Firstcom Music’s assisted search, we found a few cuts of dynamite music. Using that as a motivator and wanting to nail what a bad ass newscast might feel like. I scratched out a script and asked voice guy John Beach for his baddest bad ass read. I pretty much handed off the edit to Courtney and she did her best SNL style graphic treatment combined with real flare overlays adding in some dynamic and yummy edits and BAM!

I should also give a shout out to the very talented Hisham Moll (aka Mollapse) for making some super cool timelapse clips of St. Louis available! Yeah… we could have shot some or all of those… but on our short deadline it was awesome to have a quick and easy solution!

We were pretty impressed with ourselves (or at least I was)… I had never made anything quite this cool and eye catching! 
Thankfully Shelley Karam and Courtney Ittner allowed me to push them over the line… and as I told them…Sometimes you have to cross the line to find out where the line was. Actually… I still may not know where the line is but it’s good to know that my team is willing to cross it with me :)