Alex goes to LA

Saint Louis' Alex Hudgens (and Vanderbilt grad) has been a production assistant at NC5 for just a few months now.. sometimes people catch your eye... sometimes you Know [yes with a capital k] that a person will be a good photographic subject. Alex is one of those people. She was in need of some talent headshots for a recent job search and we decided that some basic headshots as well model portfolio images would be good for both our portfolios. I wish my photography could take credit for helping her find the new job - but it turns out that she had a good lead already and these are just going to be portfolio pieces for her as well. Alex will be leaving Saint Louis soon for her new position as a "Red Carpet Host" for BlackTree TV - one of  the many Los Angeles companies that broadcast from the many big events hosted there! Keep your eyes on Alex Hudgens... you WILL be seeing more of her! Alex4