25 years together

025 years ago my beautiful bride met me at the alter to start our lives together. We've had many adventures together since.. hiking trails.. trips to the carribean.. cruises.. and trips to the mall. Best of all by far has to be our adventure as a 'real' family once Rachel and Jake joined us. What's this got to do with photography? Lots. I think back over the years and some of my best memories aren't necessarily the memory itself. Its actually the photo of the memory. Seems like a no-brainer in this day and age to capture your life events with your phone's camera or whatever you have at hand. But it's not only the big life events that need captured. Some of my favorite images over time have been a random moment when life is happening... not chroeographed for an audience... just life. Those are my favorite moments... but hands down.. my favorite images have been taken by professional photographers who know how to light and direct and pose and retouch and create a concrete memory that often times far exceeds the memory that I had. THAT is when photographs truely measure up to their thousand word potential. Thanks to the Hudson Photography for being there at our wedding and to Cedarleaf's Gordon Underwood for our favorite portrait together and to all my professional photography friends who have used us as test subjects and created masterful images that we will always cherish. I can't imagine my life without my wife Jackie to love me and guide me and share our family together. Here's to another 25 years.. I can only hope and pray that she feels as blessed as I do.   Jackie and Doug 25 years from Doug Howell on Vimeo.