The Hunt [for mushrooms]

Some of my earliest fond memories are of my father and his three kids (I was number three) wandering through the woodland of Spring Mill State Park in southern Indiana. We would walk with empty bread bags in hand with high hopes of finding the first mushroom of the season. Sometimes just to make it[…]

AfterDark – Saint Louis

AfterDark. Lots of things happen after dark. This week lots of very creative thinking was happening in Saint Louis. AfterDark has been a creative force in the photography industry since 2009. A dozen times since 2009 some of the most creative, innovative artists in the photography industry have gotten together and mentored THOUSANDs of their[…]


I recently wanted to try a couple ideas and who better to call than one of my recent high school seniors. That’s a big bonus for some of my senior subjects.. and for me too.. whenever I need to test some equipment, a location or an idea I have a good group of camera ready[…]