Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite models – Kenzie Pettig. About 6 years ago I went to my first professional photographic class at the Illinois Workshops. Kenzie was one of the first models that I met there and have enjoyed working with her every year or so since that first[…]


Inspiration. Where does it come from and how do we harness it? This could be short ’cause I ain’t got the answer 😉 Over the years in the video edit suite in which I’ve become very comfortable I’ve often wished my producer or the client would bring in a story board.. an idea of what[…]

Why we do what we do…

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing another high school senior. Not much of a big deal normally. Sure.. there were new clothes for the event, hair and make up done just so… but this was different from the first call.. When the mom first called for an appointment she seemed a bit off.. while[…]

The Archivist

Since KSDK-TV in St. Louis went on the air February 8th, 1947 film cans have been stacking up. The station’s archivist, Bob Garger has been maintaining the archive of film for the last few years… this is a short peek into a part of Bob’s day. I published this on Vimeo a few months back[…]

Hazel at 98

Hazel was my wife’s mother’s mom. A wonderfully generous lady who loved to cook and care for her kids and grandkids… Even at 98 she was probably sharper than many 20 something’s I know… I always enjoyed a visit with her. She seemed to always be genuinely happy to know what was happening in your[…]